new year’s bucket list–retrospection (part ii)

I knew that my thoughts on my previous post were just too much to leave in one. Plus, I’ve always wanted to do ‘part posts’…hehe.

6. Get a camera.


Status: In progress…

Comments: I mean, we’re traveling. That means I still have 34% chance, right? I pray. I hope. I’ve always needed one and I just–yes. It’s coming. Coming…

7. Improve my sketching and drawing skills.

amazing pencil art

Status: Um, check…ish?

Comments: But seriously, I don’t know. All I’ve done are doodles and those cute little drawing things, which I think I’m more expert at than that ^. Wow. That’s just amazing.

Anyway, I’ve decided that sometime in the near future (when I find that bamboo pad thing for drawing—where is it!?) I’ll make a blog comic about this little sad kid called…erm…I forgot his name. But it’s about his adventures to find happiness. I’m so excited about it because he’s such a cute little darling thing and I wuv him sho much and really, let’s all admit, stick figures are booming these days.

Which is weird.

Like, we’re advancing, but we’re also retreating (vintage, blah blah blah). And I think that…in the very future future, like, will they do that about us? I mean, I have no idea if we have some kind of stable fashion era or something, ’cause it’s all a mix. Hmm..

8. Wear a dress.


Status: In progress

Comments: WE’RE TRAVELING SO I’LL GET YOU BACK ON THAT. Plus, I missed an AWESOME wedding because I had no flipping dress! :'(( Awful. And I’m seeing really lovely ones..

9. Smile more.


Status: Check.

Comments: Even though I don’t really like my smile. It’s weird.

10. Get out of my comfort zone and show myself something.



Comments: YAAAAAAH!!! I GOT OUT OF MY COMFORT ZONE! *boogie dance oh praise dah LORD!* I can’t believe it! I played the piano, I sang at church, I showed people my naughty side (which is beginning to grow…no one knows my crazy side yet. huh.) and well, it’s so much fun! Recently my dad gave a message about 3D blessings, and he talked about how in order to spread a blessing you’ve got to get out of your comfort zone. Like Abraham, neh? God blessed him and told him about all the wonderful things He’d do for him. But in order for that to happen Abraham had to get out of his homeland–his comfort zone. That spoke to me a lot. Like, we’d just presented a song, and after that, everyone congratulated me saying they never knew I could play. They liked it. They were blessed. That Christmas day two talents had been discovered. And when you bless others out of your comfort zone, you get blessed too!

All in all, this year has been tough. Honestly speaking, I’m not looking forward to next year. It’s an odd number, and those kinds of years have a tendency of going…dowwwwwwn. Like 2013. Uck! I don’t know about the others year, but I pray and hope that God will give me the strength to go through next year.


It’s going to be one busy, beesy, year…

Happy living, Happy New Year’s, and Happy…Happy?


Disclaimer: I don’t own those pics, yah?

new year’s bucket list–retrospection. (part i)

I’ve decided to just suck it up and write a post and not wait for like, the very last day of December before going through what I’ve accomplished this year. I’m really upset about finding out though. I feel so…bleurgh 😥

Anyway, lets’ just see how far I’ve gone in this thing.

1. Get closer to God.


Status: Check.

Comments: I’ve really seen how ah-cawfusnrirgs-mazing God’s been to me this year. It’s crazy. It’s just mind-boggling. I mean, I KNOW that God is good. But when He blesses me or lets certain things come together I just sit there like


And He be like


And it just feels so good to know that as His child, He’s always be thinking of me. I feel so blessed. Things haven’t gone my way, but how many times have they? Plus, it would’ve been probably a major setback for me so, yeah. I mess up way too many times. I mean, I trip on my own feet. Like, nu-uh.

2.  Lose weight.


Status: Check.

Comments: THANK GOD I DIDN’T SAY HOW MUCH. I’ve most certainly lost weight, using the Jillian Michaels workout. But I bummed out on the third week–I was so close! Things got really busy and tense since it’s a festive period and such, and school as well and blahhhh–too many freaking responsibilities. BUT–you know how they say it takes like what, four weeks before you start noticing the changes in your body, six (or is it eight?) before others start noticing it? Something like that. Anyway, yeah. I’ve binged for like 4/5 weeks now and when I went back on the scale guess what?



I was like “Whaaaaaa?”

Because I’ve been so stressed and busy and I haven’t been hungry so much, and I have a terrible broken/loose bracket and wire on my right jaw, and my wisdom tooth’s growing on my left, so it’s not been easy eating at all. Festive periods in this place are hard to get anyone to help you do a simple job and such. But anyway, it feels good. I mean, yesterday it was emphasized when this lady that I met on the mission trip came to the get-together and quietly pulled me aside and asked, “Hey, what diet are you doing?”

I’m like: O.O’

And she’s like: Seriously!

And I’m like: …I haven’t been doing any diet! I stopped like, exercise weeeeeeeeks ago.

And then my sis comes in like: >:I Your muscles are getting bigger. (And she was doing the Michaels’ with me and gave up too.)

And the lady just looked and smiled with some sort of admiration saying that I looked so elegant and stuff and I was just there thinking “But I feel so heavy and all jiggly and stuff what are you telling me woman?!”

Anyway, it happened. I can’t wait to start working out again bahahaha.

(My thoughts are too long o.0)

3. Improve my piano/keyboard skills.


Status: Unknown

Comments: Seriously, I have no idea if I’ve improved my piano skills or something. BUT–let me tell this freaking crazy story. Ready? I dont’ care!

Okay so it all started with my little sister’s toy. At the time she was a baby (two years old) she had this toy that played this LOVELY composition and I fell head over fingers on it. So one day my mom just gave it away. I was like, “NONONONONONONO” and was so devasted because now I’d never know the name of that piece. So I searched. I played online pianos with the little I could remember so that they could find it for me. I searched the company’s website what songs they used in their products. I SEARCHED EVERYWHERE. And then, I gave up.

It was only when I came across this sad wattpad short story about this poor brother and his sister that I found the song. It was on the side, and the picture looked decent. So I clicked on it.


Awesomeness, unfolded. I cried. I was so overwhelmed I started laughing. Then I decided to learn to play it. So I got my best friend, YouTube, and it taught me the song. But I only learned half of it. For two years, every time I get on the piano, it’d be the first thing I’d play. But I never finished it.

Okay, so here’s the awesome part.

A day before the Christmas (our church had a Christmas service) the service organizer called me and tried to ‘sing’ out the kind of song his son said I could play. I laughed a lot, and then agreed to play, although I knew that meant more stress (because my sis and I were also presenting a special song for the service, and we only agreed on a suitable song like, two days before the event) and THEN that meant having to learn the OTHER half of the song.


I was so frustrated. School, cake, lasagna, music, school, cake, lasagna, music. I was pulled every which way that day before Christmas, and I just couldn’t handle it. And I was so nervous because I was going to do it in front of the church, even though I knew there couldn’t be too many people (but who could say for sure, this year they put a lot of effort into it).

So…yeah. Check..ish? I mean, I memorized two pieces (well, one and a half) in like, three days and it came out well. So, hurrah!

4. Finish writing a book.


Status: I don’t even want to talk about it.

Comments: Even a stupid short story can’t make it on this list. But God help me. This year has been the messiest, eye-opening year of my LIFE, and I wish I hadn’t take it for granted. Now 2015 looks so daunting I don’t even want to go there.





Yayyyy. I finished a book! Bahahaha. Shh, I know, not one that anyone can read but I finished right? I finished it for the year! I’ve been writing almost everyday, have over 50,000 words worth of meh, and yeah! (Mhm I be using Word). So yes, in a way, I have finished a book? Well, almost! Wooh! Journal for the 2014, you’re on the way!!

*dance dance danceeeeee*

5. Get rid of my braces.


Status: Still scraping my cheeks.

Comments: So…yeah, my teeth are in no condition to be relieved of my little bracketed friends. And it’s also created this horrible lopsidedness to my face. Now when I smile one eye is squinted and the other is just glared at you. One cheek is higher than the other and more defined and…ugh, it’s such a mess. I wouldn’t see it on a mirror. I had to discover this the hard way–using a ‘true’ mirror. I downloaded it on my phone and cried in depression for two days at the thought of people even looking at me. How can they even stand my ugliness? I bothered my siblings for a whole week trying to find justice in the way I look. “Is my cheek bigger?” This and that. It annoyed them to bit. And well, I just soon had to accept the truth–I’m not as pretty as I thought I was. But somehow I’ve come to accept it. Though I wish that when I smile, my lopsidedness would lean to my left and not my right, ’cause like almost all the cute peeps have that, you know?


(to be continued. gotta go pack!)

flashback; flashnow.

It’s…been ages.

To apologize or not to apologize?

Thousands–I mean thousands–of things have been happening to me, about me, and with me. I feel so unproductive. It’s nearing the end of the year, and my heart just breaks at the thought of my New Year’s Bucket List, and I know for sure that I’ve barely accomplished anything. I want to cry, crawl into a hole, and just cease to exist for like, two minutes so that I can take a break.

Then again, we all know how crazy that would be. Where’d we go if we didn’t exist for those two minutes?


Plot bunny. How unfortunate.

Anyway, I think that’ll make a great short story to get my writer’s self going. Not only has school been unproductive, writing has as well. I’ve barely got the first chapter, but I’m writing one today. I’ve decided to just suck it up and get going. Or else, I’d never get anything done.

Same with Physics, and Math and English and Bible Survey and…oh, life hurts sometimes.

But I can do this, right? I’ve been positive since the beginning of the year that everything’s gonna be all right, God’s way or my way, doesn’t matter.

And it’s weird.

I mean, awful things are happening around the world. Ebola, ISIS, kidnappings and beheadings–it’s traumatizing. Yet, even with me, the sadness, the tears and so on–I just have this ‘peace’ in me that this year will end well. Things will be better.

And I’m getting there. I will get there.

I’ve had amazing times this year: very first mission trip, completion of two years with braces (even though I still have them…my teeth ain’t that perfect yet *groan*), losing weight and gaining it back (hahahahha), and bonding with people I never thought I would bond with (they’re still annoying though).

It was fun. And that’s what’s pushing me.


Next year will be extremely busy though: SAT, college preparation, etc. And I’m just sixteen. So scared. Really…scared…

But the Lord is my strength. And I will lean on Him.

God bless ❤

Happy living,


redemption week -May 2014.

I miss you all 😀 Anyway, guess what: last week was my Redemption Week 😯 No, nothing religious here or anything strictly connected to homeschooling 😀 It’s for myself. RW is a period of time when I put aside my most prized possessions–my iPhone and Macbook– and focus on the important things I haven’t been able to catch up to or have ignored in my hectic routine. It’s like fasting. Technological fasting, haha. So yes, it’s an extreme way of pulling myself away from procrastination. As a homeschooler, such a hobby (procrastinating) can be very destructive and these past weeks haven’t been quite productive…

The funny thing is…it was my first time 😀

I just felt like I needed a change, but was worried that I wouldn’t be able to cope without the two ‘items’. I write a lot, and my laptop is the fastest and easiest way to store in my scribblings (with a paper it always gets lost, somehow). And so a week without it seemed impossible. But I did it! After the first day, my mind was more focused on the study of the Book of Joshua (it’s awesome!), and I found some really cool stories that aren’t mentioned in children’s Bible story books (I know, a little too old to depend on them, right?). I was also able to catch up on my studies, realizing that Geometry (proofs) aren’t too bad (guess it was just laziness) and that I really can learn all the geographical regions and capital and largest cities of each state, and what each state’s biggest production is.

Fact: Madison is the capital of Wisconsin 😀

Another fact: Idaho is a potato state 😀 *falls over chair*

Here’s the map I had to draw!

2014-05-09 14.16.56

You like it? I think it’s the best I’ve done so far 😀 I lost my other map of Africa though 😦 Guess I have to draw it again…

Processed with Rookie

My English has finally left the intense adjective and adverb phase, and now I get to read a book! I’m now reading ‘The Hiding Place’, and oh, it’s so beautiful <insert tears here>. I’m taking lots of notes (sentence structure, new words, author’s tone) and sometimes it just overwhelms me so much that I can’t tear my eyes away from the book (or get my fingers to reach the pen). I’m getting to the climax, and I’m so jumpy! Can’t wait to watch the movie. I’ve got my tissues ready 🙂

Last, but not least, have you guys heard about the chaos going on in Nigeria? 😦 Around 300 girls have been kidnapped, there has been two bombings at a local stop! I’m beyond myself with fear because all my relatives live there 😦  My uncle was so close to being a victim of one of the bombings, but miraculously, thankfully, nothing happened to him. Please keep this country in your hearts.

Happy Tuesday,

Jojo 🙂

meme of the week.

Hey, guys!

So I’m exhausted (seriously blown out) and well, things are just weird this week.

Last Sunday this new girl (okay, maybe not so new anymore) asked me if I could give my stories next week for her to read.

And I asked why.

And she said because.

On the outside I may have seemed cool and relaxed, as if it were the millionth time someone was asking for my autograph. But I came to realize, only I ask for autographs, from myself 😯 Don’t judge, it’s a lonely world here 😉

Anyway, we exchanged emails and it seemed that it was really all I just needed to get my creative juices flowing once again. I was able to write three lengthy chapters this week. Hurrah! I know, too little to be excited of, but my Writer’s Bug was driving me crazy, and to be able to sit down for hours listening to music and researching as I wrote made me feel so happy. Overjoyed, to say the least 🙂

So, to compensate for my lack of posting, I hereby present to you my favorite meme of the week. Every week I’ll be doing this, and well, basically this just made my day.  🙂

No Ordinary Opponent


It’s a shamefully done lazy post, but I hope you enjoyed it!

Happy Saturday,


shine your way: the sunshine award.

I can’t for the life of me believe I just…disappeared like that! So sorry, didn’t mean to! I got caught up in remaking the blog…then caught up in remaking my about page…and then exams…and then band practice and everything in between!

I apologize. Not my intentions 🙂

Anyway, I’ve been nominated again! Okay, I might’ve been nominated more than a few weeks ago…but I was so incredibly lazy and well, you know the rest: excuses 😉

But let’s get on with it!


Aye, the sun! I’m sure you guys over on the north side are ecstatic about the coming months (summer, yo)! It always confused me why it would be cold here then and you guys will be all, “It’s summer! Yay!” and I’d be like, “I think Africa’s glitching or something…”


So…The Sunshine Award. Not about the sun, but about the people that bring that warm, fuzzy feeling whenever you hear the voice or set eyes on them…whether they be smiling or even sitting on the other side of the room. I love those kinds of people, they’re so fun and bearable to be around…and Lori thinks I’m one of ’em. Ohh…I feel so weird!

Anyway, thanks for the nomination, Lori!

Right, so all awards come with certain questions…let’s see what Lori has for me!


1. Tell us something unique about yourself.

Okie dokie. So, I tend to zone out a lot. I can be sitting and someone will be talking, but then somehow my eyes settle on something and I just sit there…staring…


Worst case scenario was with a complete stranger at the food court. He just got up and left… 😯

2. What is your favorite part of the day, and why?

This is hard…I mean, I love the cool morning air and watching the sunrise and everything…but the sunsets are also extremely mesmerizing–ack, well maybe this will tell you something.



I can’t stick to one, but I love early mornings 🙂

3. Silly or Serious?

Hehe, both! There are times to be silly and times to be serious, so it’s practically impossible to pick only one 😉

4. If you could bring some sunshine to anyone today, who would it be and why?

For a long time I’ve been praying for a best friend or someone my age I could text and talk to a lot to, but today I realized  that instead of searching forever, why don’t I be one? I hope it goes a long way 😀

5. What is your favorite movie?

Lori, are you kidding me? Ha! Well, joke’s on you, I don’t have a favorite movie!

6. Do you have any pets? If so, what kind?

I have a naughty little dog with an unknown breed or species. His name is Tweetie. Or Twittie. I still don’t know.

And no, I wasn’t drunk, just uncreative…

7. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you want to live?

Ah, another unfair question. Hmm, let’s see…when I retire, I want to be living in Sweden! It’s so beautiful 😀

8. Who regularly brings sunshine into your life?

There are many who do. One of them would be…sister after me. No, I wouldn’t admit it in front of her (hehe 🙂 ) and I wouldn’t act so unless she’s not around, but yeah, she’s one of them 🙂 Alongside my baby sister…and everyone around me 🙂

9. The beach or the mountains?

What?? Are you seriously making me choose?? Well, the mountains!

…And the beach.

10. Has your blog turned out to be how you expected when you first started it? Why or why not?

Hehe…not really. My imagination speaks louder than reality. I expected it to be BOOM! POW! AWESOME! Guess that’s how everyone thinks at first 🙂 But…it’ll work out, hopefully it will 🙂 And I hope to learn a lot 🙂

Well, that’s it! I hate hard questions, Loriiii 😦 But, ha! I shall return the favor 🙂



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1. If you could have a part of the day frozen for the rest of your life, which would it be and why?

2. What does your style say about you?

3. Flats or heels?

4. Would you rather be the nose or the ears? Why?

5. How old were you when you started using the internet?

6. Have you ever wanted to be someone else when you were young? Explain.

7. If you were to be stranded on the desert and had only one type of dessert, what would it be?

8. What’s your ideal weekend?

9. What do you like most about fruits?

10. What do you hope to accomplish through your blog?

open your eyes, stick your head out the window…

Last night, I stumbled across an article about the children in Afghanistan. It’s not the first time I heard or read anything concerning them, but today it actually struck me on what they were really going through. I mean, those children see people die every day. Many have lost their parents. Others, their limbs.

And that makes me extremely sad.

I remember, a few years ago, the day we were going home. I was about eight years old, and we encountered a car accident along the road. I don’t know what possessed me to look at out the window (we all know, curiosity), and the moment I did I knew I was going to have nightmares. The victim was about nineteen years old, and he was sprawled on the floor, bleeding and dead.

And that’s what most of these children have to endure every single day.

It hurts me a lot, and it’s sickening. Looking at my life now, with parents that love each other, a bed to sleep in, food to eat at random times, clothes and shoes to wear, and many other things, I basically couldn’t possibly complain about anything. But I do. I’m tired and frustrated, but I’m going to keep in mind the things I’ve been blessed with.


Guys, no one is going to go through life easy. It’s okay to feel sad and bothered sometimes, but we shouldn’t let it linger so long that we forget ourselves. Amidst all this craziness of life, we should take some time to be thankful, you know? It’s amazing when you see your life in a different light on those special days. It puts me in a jumpy and happy mood that daily twists can’t put a damper on.

It’s hard to be content sometimes, but it’s not impossible. It’s a learning process than can be done if we really care about it. Ever tried counting your blessings? It’s the most daunting task ever!

So when you feel overwhelmed about the hard things in life, just take some time off, go for a walk, watch a funny movie, or go on Buzzfeed (trust me). Life’s too short for expired worries; take some time and live.

And like Mooseblood from The Bee Movie said, “Open your eyes, stick your head out the window! …”

Keep wobbling,


P.S. Probably by the next post, this whole blog will be transformed!

Disclaimer: I do not own that photo.