i did that.

So yesterday was an amazing day. Our church had its first annual ‘Love Offering’, it’s first concert, and well, everything there was practically a first. Including what I did.

I went in with my glasses. I really can’t stress how much I hate them. I hate them. They look awful on me, they have those wiggly nose support thingies that don’t even fit the nowhere bridge of my nose, and, well, they’re just ugly. I would’ve gotten a new one along with my brother and sister, but since I didn’t wear these glasses last year, (and it would be a waste if I didn’t), my mom guaranteed that I’d get new ones if I used these ones.

It’s obviously not going too well.



But I went way out of my comfort zone. That’s something!


Keep wobbling,



Disclaimer: I do not own that photo. No copyright infringement intended.


2 thoughts on “i did that.

  1. Ooh, I know the feel love; it’s such a pain when these little things distract us from the matter at hand. Appreciate the surrounding and the things around you, what you wear and how you appear isn’t something that should be something we worry about so much.

    While it is okay to worry now and then, the fact that we live our daily lives (some of us) stressing about what to wear or how we look is taking away the very time we should be spending doing other things. Aha, just my two cents.

    Thanks for sharing!

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