because ‘y’ has two branches and one tail.


Why didn’t I go to the Youth Saturday Outing?

Why didn’t I know about it?

My mother’s prompt response would be ‘Because ‘y’ has two branches and one tail’. And if you still don’t get that after pausing for a few minutes for that to sink in, it’s because of the…okay, how can you not get it??

 On the other hand…

Honestly, one of the most upsetting things that has ever happened to me this year happened. And it was no silly mistake or misunderstanding. It was a result of assumption, and stupid fear, and-and just…everything.

First off, our little youth ministry at church isn’t one with many activities. We have by far only about three teen members, excluding myself and my sister, and the rest just a bunch of adults from their early to late twenties. We had an outing planned with the church band and some others, and they had initially planned to go to one of the beach islands around here.

Well, my sister and I already decided we wouldn’t go.

But then they changed it on the night before. And the band leader and his assistant (whom we are quite close to) knew about this change, and had our number and everything, and he, knowing that we practically did nothing on Saturday, didn’t inform us. They literally had more than seventeen hours to inform us. Did they? No.

Everyone else went, except us. No one stopped talking about it on Sunday, and even the band leader assistant kept on with the ‘It was awesome’s, forgetting that he was the reason we didn’t go. And their excuse? ‘Your parents are too strict, we knew they’d say no’ and many other dumb excuses that hurt us quite badly.

I may sound like a snob and more, but being part of the youth means being involved in everything that revolves around it. Strict parents have nothing to do with this. We are the ones to deal with our parents, not them. And in this case, it was definitely not them.


And so went a Saturday badly spent. And we even baked a super delicious chocolate cake because of the band leader’s assistant’s birthday. And he was the one that didn’t tell us. I was so upset, I just wanted to take it all back. But although I could go on saturating in anger and all that, I choose not to. I mean, I don’t want this year to be spoiled by someone else’s mistake. They didn’t invite us? Fine. Their loss! Besides, it’s not like it’s the end of the world. And, I know there’s a reason we missed it; God knows what He’s doing. I just wish He’d tell me why we didn’t go. (In fact I just wish He’d tell me lots of things).

So in that, I just want to say that even though something unpleasant or bad happens to you to upset you or your day, don’t swim around it. Anger is like dirty water–if you keep swimming in it, you’ll start smelling; and people wouldn’t want to stay near you.

I may have missed an awesome day, but hey, if the days move on, why shouldn’t I, right?



Haha, right.

Keep wobbling,



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