i’ve got a surprise for you.

No, not me. Well, I might have some good news, but hey, read first 😀


About a month ago, my dad traveled for a business training, and since we (my sister and I) were so helpful during the Christmas period (hectic…), he decided he’d reward us with a Pebble and a Kindle, along with the new phone he promised us. So my sis and I settled on an HTC One Mini, searched for covers, stared at the phone so we could get used to the new sight, and even compared it to other phones.

Don't laugh. That's my old phone -.-

That’s my old phone. Guys, it’s not even on the website anymore.

I’ve had the HTC Wildfire for three years. The funny thing about it is that it has only two gigabytes. Yes, TWO. No wonder I always had to delete many beautiful memories and songs just so I could have space for…for something! It was so frustrating. Dad finally came back (woo!), and that meant our new gadgets had finally arrived! 😀

I couldn’t wait to get ahold of my HTC One Mini. I was ready to download every app that I couldn’t download before because of that horrible little form of technology. But guess what? I now behold an iPhone 5c, and my sister? An HTC One X. I’m still a little shocked. Seriously, I don’t know whether to be happy or to give in to the fact that I wouldn’t be able to redownload all of my songs from my old phone. I mean, music is a pretty big part of my life, and having an android makes it wayyy easier to download music. But the iPhone?

Ack, that’s a different story!

And before I continue to ‘sound’ like an ungrateful teenager here, I just want to take this time off to say, thanks, Dad 🙂 See? I’m a good girl.

Anyway, my sister and I are still pretty, you know, stunned. We’re used to having the same phones. But I think my dad’s intentions are good. He wants to mix up the technology in this house…Apple here, Microsoft there, you know. A lil’ bit of this, a lil’ bit of that. It’s all good.

And I can at least say I’m loving it. It’s not really foreign to me (the system, I mean), but I’m glad that I have a bigger screen; it’s sleek, it’s clean, it’s…wow. Hey, I think I love it. It’s fun exploring and finally having my very own password and Apple ID on an Apple product. Okay, now I love it! Thanks, Dad 🙂

Now, all I need now is a protective case…*hint hint*

It still feels weird. But hey, gotta love a good weird, right?

It still feels weird. But hey, gotta love a good weird, right?

And yeah, that’s my Pebble I’m wearing!

Happy living,


P.S. I’m not responsible for the really awful looking pictures…


funny how life works.

Life is so unpredictable. Do you see the ‘un’ before ‘predictable’? It shows the lack of predictability, or in this case, fair warnings. I sat here with wet hair dripping on my skin, too much perfume on, and my study desk still in clear depiction of how my life was at that moment.

Messy. sooooAs an introvert and a professional social ‘awkwardie’, today’s news just battered me in the most unimaginable way possible.

They were coming. 

I still can’t believe I reacted that way. It felt kind of weird to freak out that way to the point I nearly went mad. That’s why I sat down here, needing to let it out my writing in my journal. I was afraid of just venting it out verbally, as I felt that the current situation and my reaction to it would lose its ‘juice’ if I didn’t record it somewhere. It’s a writer’s thing.


Besides that, my problem involved two girls (we’ll call them Girl A and Girl B), and they, along with my sister and I, were quite good friends when we were kids. Something happened, and they had to move away while their father stayed back here to work. And time froze between us until three years ago.

And then it froze up again.

But they came back for a short vacation here and we expected them to come visit in February. They didn’t…so I relaxed. Bad move. At exactly 1:04 p.m. today, my mom got off the phone, sat down, and said that Girl A and Girl B were coming.

Emphasis for panic?

Could this day get any worse?

Why was this happening to me?!

I went crazy! I washed the hair that I was too lazy to wash, jumped out of my comfy jeans, and took out all my frustration on my toothbrush. I felt weird, so out of place already, even if they hadn’t arrived yet.


Scenarios of them looking at me disgustingly or in any judgmental way poked the insides of my brain and tied knots in my stomach. I felt sick. I really don’t like how life jumps at you and screams “Boo!” and gets you all worked up and scared of what is to come. Although this feeling towards such situations wasn’t foreign to me, it’s happened lots of times; and the result?

Everything happens the exact opposite.

Even better.

It’s just weird, you know. But, my fears never came true. We actually had a really good time! Kind of awkward at the beginning, but the oldest (Girl A) is like a professional icebreaker that we were catching up in less than five minutes upon their arrival. Her French accent and isolation from English for a while may have hindered some parts of our conversation, but she’s extremely funny and dramatic. We related a lot and really…we had a blast.


I feel stupid for being worked up about their visit though. But that leads me to tell you that being worried only makes your life harder for yourself and others. We all know that. Yeah, we have TONS of reasons to be worried, and we might even give in to some of them, but if you just sit there feeling sorry for yourself and thinking of what you could be doing instead of doing it, you’re wasting your time! It’s hard, but with God’s help, we can do anything 🙂

hakuna matata

Every minute counts, guys! You’ll never get those minutes you spent reading my post back (*cough* haha), or worse, worrying over nothing! But worry or not, life will still move on. You can choose to hop on, or stay back. Your choice 🙂

Happy living!


P.S. I feel this post is a little…I don’t know, disconnected or something. Please don’t hesitate to tell me what you think! 😀

Disclaimer: I do not own those images. 😀

my first award.

Guess what? I’ve been nominated for The Liebster Blog Awards! Ack! I’m still a little dumbstruck about it, it feels funny and amazing at the same time. I mean, I’ve always seen blogs and their showcasing of their fancy awards that clutter their sidebars, but a little thing inside me always says, “C’mon, I wish I had a little of that…” liebster-blog-award Well…today is the day!! Thanks to Maimoona, I feel like I’m on the Dove Awards or something, haha 😀 So, after quenching my ebullient squeals (heh), I went to check for the details and here’s what I got from her:

The word “Liebster” originates from the German word “liebste” which means “dearest”. The origin of this award is unknown, although several posts have suggested a German blog. The rules of this award had changed over the years although the underlying goal remains the same: to bring attentions to blogs that have not been discovered yet. In 2010, the rule was to pick 3-5 blogs that have less than 3,000 readers but recently, you list 10 blogs with less than 200 subscribers. It is quite a dramatic difference, but for the better. Wouldn’t a blog of 3,000 readers be established (or discovered) by then?

The idea behind this nice award is to recognize new bloggers and help promote them! You also benefit by getting some promotion too. All in good timing. Yay! Now…for the rules…

1)- Thank the person who nominated you and link to their blog.

2)- Show off your award on your blog (in a post, widget, etc. like I did).

3)- Answer 10 questions given to you by the nominee before you.

4)- Create 10 questions of your own.

5)- Nominate 5-10 of your favourite blogs with fewer than 200 followers and notify them of their nomination.

6)- And of course, tell them about it and provide a link back to your website so that they can know more about the award!

You can even shake it up by adding 10 random things about yourself!

Okay, enough chit-chat, time for the, er, interview! 😀

1. What is the one thing you crave the most in your life?

Way to start a Q&A! Hmm…let’s see…um, friends? Real life friends that are pokable, not cyber friends, haha. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE and adore my lovely circle of my internet friends, and I’m so blessed to be part of many communities that share a number of my quirky interests and strange personality. But, when they’re not online, it gets lonely. There’s not really anyone I can confide in, they’re all adults, and most don’t even want to talk to me. So as far as that goes, I crave friends. Crazy, lovable, friends.

2. When was the first time you fell in love?

Uh, ew, haha. I’ve never fallen in love, actually. But I have when I gave my life to Christ. Ever since then my life has been changed in many ways. It’s crazy, and sometimes really hard, but He’s always there when I need a little nudge to keep moving on 🙂

3. What’s the biggest fear that you have?

Fear fear fear. Hm, failure? I have so many fears, but failure has got to be my biggest one. 

4. What’s the best childhood memory that you have?

Ahh, my childhood! It was packed with super crazy adventures and oh, stupidity. Haha. Okay…let’s see. What I can think of now is when I got shocked by this kid when he handed my friend and I something that looked like gum, but was actually some weird electrical gizmo thingy. We chased him around the compound, oh how we wanted to kill him…it was the first time I’d ever been ‘buzzed’ 😛

5. What according to you is your greatest asset?

I don’t like this question, lol. Okay…I think it is faith. I’m pretty sure, though. I have high hopes for many things, even if this voice in the back of my mind keeps telling me that there’s no way a certain thing could happen a certain way and so on. I send texts to people who haven’t answered me in like, forever, hoping that one day they’d open their inbox and just happen to remember me. It’s weird sometimes, why I won’t give up. But it doesn’t go away that easily 🙂

6. If you had to sell one of your traits in order to survive, which trait would you sell and why? *mouth falls* Interesting…um, obviously the worst one–my shyness. Mahahaha.

7. Tell me about the last time you have been really happy.

Really happy…totes for emphasis! When my family and another family went on a road trip together. It was the best time of my life, with the two most awesome friends ever. It was several years ago, when I didn’t care about the useless things that bother me and society today. Those were the years I had been really happy 🙂 Not that there isn’t anything to be happy about now though, haha 😉

8. If your life was a Romantic-Comedy, what movie would you pick?

Right…first off, I hardly watch romantic comedies. But I love comedies though, so of course some romance may have snuck in somewhere a time or two. I honestly can’t think of any movie now, let alone a romance comedy 😯 Lol, my sister should be answering this one!

9. What is it about a book that makes it your favorite?

Eeeek!!! SUSPENSE. When the author creates a character that  becomes so dear to me, anything that happens to them will make me flip, throw the book, regain my sanity, and pick it up again. I love the feeling of literally being on the edge of my seat, squealing and hyperventilating because everything is just so…woooooshhhhhh! *sigh* Argh! Books ❤

10. Name one song that will always be close to your heart and state why.

Getting Into You by Relient K. I’ve been listening to that song ever since I was nine years old, and only quite recently (about, two years ago) did I realize what it actually means. I’ll NEVER get tired of that song. It always gets to me. Always ❤

Yay. I’m finally done! Phew, the thing was sooo time-consuming, but I had loads of fun. Now, cuing my signature evil laugh, I present to you, my own set of questions!

  1. Who’s your favorite Disney character?
  2. What do you look for in a person?
  3. What do you want to be when you grow up? And if you have found your career, what do you enjoy about it?
  4. What do you look forward to about being old?
  5. What would you do if you have only ten hours to live?
  6. If someone came up to you and slapped you for no reason, what would you do to them?
  7. How old do you want to be when you die?
  8. If you had a limit of 24 words to say to someone, what would you say? And whom to?
  9. How would you react if your biggest fear came true?
  10. If you could be any animal, which would you be and why?

I had fun writing those out, haha! So for my little nominees, when you’re filling these out, could you please let me know? I’d love to know your answers 😀 Now, I’ll just list my lucky winners and we’ll be out!

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Happy living!