i’ve got a surprise for you.

No, not me. Well, I might have some good news, but hey, read first 😀


About a month ago, my dad traveled for a business training, and since we (my sister and I) were so helpful during the Christmas period (hectic…), he decided he’d reward us with a Pebble and a Kindle, along with the new phone he promised us. So my sis and I settled on an HTC One Mini, searched for covers, stared at the phone so we could get used to the new sight, and even compared it to other phones.

Don't laugh. That's my old phone -.-

That’s my old phone. Guys, it’s not even on the website anymore.

I’ve had the HTC Wildfire for three years. The funny thing about it is that it has only two gigabytes. Yes, TWO. No wonder I always had to delete many beautiful memories and songs just so I could have space for…for something! It was so frustrating. Dad finally came back (woo!), and that meant our new gadgets had finally arrived! 😀

I couldn’t wait to get ahold of my HTC One Mini. I was ready to download every app that I couldn’t download before because of that horrible little form of technology. But guess what? I now behold an iPhone 5c, and my sister? An HTC One X. I’m still a little shocked. Seriously, I don’t know whether to be happy or to give in to the fact that I wouldn’t be able to redownload all of my songs from my old phone. I mean, music is a pretty big part of my life, and having an android makes it wayyy easier to download music. But the iPhone?

Ack, that’s a different story!

And before I continue to ‘sound’ like an ungrateful teenager here, I just want to take this time off to say, thanks, Dad 🙂 See? I’m a good girl.

Anyway, my sister and I are still pretty, you know, stunned. We’re used to having the same phones. But I think my dad’s intentions are good. He wants to mix up the technology in this house…Apple here, Microsoft there, you know. A lil’ bit of this, a lil’ bit of that. It’s all good.

And I can at least say I’m loving it. It’s not really foreign to me (the system, I mean), but I’m glad that I have a bigger screen; it’s sleek, it’s clean, it’s…wow. Hey, I think I love it. It’s fun exploring and finally having my very own password and Apple ID on an Apple product. Okay, now I love it! Thanks, Dad 🙂

Now, all I need now is a protective case…*hint hint*

It still feels weird. But hey, gotta love a good weird, right?

It still feels weird. But hey, gotta love a good weird, right?

And yeah, that’s my Pebble I’m wearing!

Happy living,


P.S. I’m not responsible for the really awful looking pictures…


11 thoughts on “i’ve got a surprise for you.

  1. Congrats, girl! Wow! That was so awesome of your Dad! Will I see you on Instagram, then? 😀 Lol. I’ve always wanted an IPhone 5c since it came out! But, I be broke so I’ll stick with my Galaxy:) Hey, on the bright side, you get to hear most of Anthem Lights’ new stuff before me on ITunes now! lol

    • I wasn’t a big fan of iPhones because I broke the screen of my first one! Luckily, it wasn’t brand new and I didn’t really have much on there. But that shook my up a lot 😛 I was spinning around when I was on my trip with mom. And it just, you know, flew right out of my pocket facedown on the floor -.- So I’m extremely careful with this one until I get my protective cover xD

      Heheheheheheh 😀 Yup, you’ll see me soon 🙂 Hopefully xD Once I get my blog organized and all 😛 I think .-.

  2. As for your music, if you backed up your music to your computer, you should have a file with all your music in it, even if it’s not in the music folder. If it was in a specific program, go into that program file and look for a music folder. If you can find it, all your music should be in there. Then cut and paste it into a generic music folder.
    In ITunes you can then go in and tell it go fill the library with all that music. Then sync your phone… TA DA!!!! Your music is now on your iphone!

    I periodically go into my iTunes folder and copy all the music there into the generic music folder just in case I do something like go to android or something ( but I love my iphone, so prob not happening soon ). Or you know… like it crashes and wipes out the whole music folder!

    Hope that helps. 🙂

  3. I just recently got the iphone 5C….love, love, love it!! I use Siri all the time to write emails….I mean, “speak” emails into my phone…hahahaha. Siri is a great resource to make use of, and the pics this phone takes are so much better than my old phone!
    For cases…because I tend to drop my phone often, I love the Otter Box Defender.
    P.S. Ask Siri (by holding down on your main button) “How much wood could a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?” Ask her several times…she has all sorts of fun answers!

    • Yeah, the picture quality is sooo much better, it’s scary, haha xD Yeah, Siri is so awesome. I remember hearing all the rage about it, and now I can finally experience it 😛 Thanks for the case recommendation! Ugh, my old phone has fallen countless times, but because of the gorilla screen it’s still intact and looks quite new!

      I’m so going to try that 😀 Thanks, Lori! ^^

      • Glad you are enjoying it! I seriously rarely text or email from my phone via fingers…I just use Siri and it goes so quick! Love it!
        I have dropped my phone underneath cars on the pavement, etc….and this case protects it! They are not quite as good as the Defender series for the Otter Box on older iphones, but we still love it….and hey, it keeps my phone safe! And it looks pretty! Hahaha. What color is your iphone 5c? Mine is white.

        • Hahahaha xD Wow, then you’re worse than me in terms of dropping phones, haha! My iPhone is blue. Dad knows now–my favorite color xD Ah…dad…

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