new year’s bucket list–retrospection (part ii)

I knew that my thoughts on my previous post were just too much to leave in one. Plus, I’ve always wanted to do ‘part posts’…hehe.

6. Get a camera.


Status: In progress…

Comments: I mean, we’re traveling. That means I still have 34% chance, right? I pray. I hope. I’ve always needed one and I just–yes. It’s coming. Coming…

7. Improve my sketching and drawing skills.

amazing pencil art

Status: Um, check…ish?

Comments: But seriously, I don’t know. All I’ve done are doodles and those cute little drawing things, which I think I’m more expert at than that ^. Wow. That’s just amazing.

Anyway, I’ve decided that sometime in the near future (when I find that bamboo pad thing for drawing—where is it!?) I’ll make a blog comic about this little sad kid called…erm…I forgot his name. But it’s about his adventures to find happiness. I’m so excited about it because he’s such a cute little darling thing and I wuv him sho much and really, let’s all admit, stick figures are booming these days.

Which is weird.

Like, we’re advancing, but we’re also retreating (vintage, blah blah blah). And I think that…in the very future future, like, will they do that about us? I mean, I have no idea if we have some kind of stable fashion era or something, ’cause it’s all a mix. Hmm..

8. Wear a dress.


Status: In progress

Comments: WE’RE TRAVELING SO I’LL GET YOU BACK ON THAT. Plus, I missed an AWESOME wedding because I had no flipping dress! :'(( Awful. And I’m seeing really lovely ones..

9. Smile more.


Status: Check.

Comments: Even though I don’t really like my smile. It’s weird.

10. Get out of my comfort zone and show myself something.



Comments: YAAAAAAH!!! I GOT OUT OF MY COMFORT ZONE! *boogie dance oh praise dah LORD!* I can’t believe it! I played the piano, I sang at church, I showed people my naughty side (which is beginning to grow…no one knows my crazy side yet. huh.) and well, it’s so much fun! Recently my dad gave a message about 3D blessings, and he talked about how in order to spread a blessing you’ve got to get out of your comfort zone. Like Abraham, neh? God blessed him and told him about all the wonderful things He’d do for him. But in order for that to happen Abraham had to get out of his homeland–his comfort zone. That spoke to me a lot. Like, we’d just presented a song, and after that, everyone congratulated me saying they never knew I could play. They liked it. They were blessed. That Christmas day two talents had been discovered. And when you bless others out of your comfort zone, you get blessed too!

All in all, this year has been tough. Honestly speaking, I’m not looking forward to next year. It’s an odd number, and those kinds of years have a tendency of going…dowwwwwwn. Like 2013. Uck! I don’t know about the others year, but I pray and hope that God will give me the strength to go through next year.


It’s going to be one busy, beesy, year…

Happy living, Happy New Year’s, and Happy…Happy?


Disclaimer: I don’t own those pics, yah?


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