. jojo .


Hi, everyone! Welcome to my little world⎯The Wobbly Way of Life!

Why such a name? Well, it’s gotta be quite obvious life isn’t all straight n’ smooth 😀 So if it isn’t straight, it’s crooked! And well, I bet you know the rest 😉my sketchbooks

Me In a Nutshell…

❘teen❘ ❘homeschooled❘ ❘food junkie. passionate. awkward❘ ❘shy. random. writer. dreamer. christian. fruit addict❘

Just  A Little More…

I’m Jojo. At least you can call me that 🙂 . I’m a homeschoolee (yes, it’s now a word), and I live in subs-aharan Africa. I apologize, that’s all the info I’ll give!

*plays with piccolo*

I also love love loveee to read. I’ve read and reread all the books in the house! I don’t have access to English Teen Fiction and YA books here except for the church library, so other than that place, I depend on vacation trips to get new books to read! And also as rewards and gifts 🙂

I love drawing, singing, writing, laughing, listening to music, and so much more you’ll discover here 🙂


The alphabet has only 24 letters. Write something.

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