redemption week -May 2014.

I miss you all 😀 Anyway, guess what: last week was my Redemption Week 😯 No, nothing religious here or anything strictly connected to homeschooling 😀 It’s for myself. RW is a period of time when I put aside my most prized possessions–my iPhone and Macbook– and focus on the important things I haven’t been able to catch up to or have ignored in my hectic routine. It’s like fasting. Technological fasting, haha. So yes, it’s an extreme way of pulling myself away from procrastination. As a homeschooler, such a hobby (procrastinating) can be very destructive and these past weeks haven’t been quite productive…

The funny thing is…it was my first time 😀

I just felt like I needed a change, but was worried that I wouldn’t be able to cope without the two ‘items’. I write a lot, and my laptop is the fastest and easiest way to store in my scribblings (with a paper it always gets lost, somehow). And so a week without it seemed impossible. But I did it! After the first day, my mind was more focused on the study of the Book of Joshua (it’s awesome!), and I found some really cool stories that aren’t mentioned in children’s Bible story books (I know, a little too old to depend on them, right?). I was also able to catch up on my studies, realizing that Geometry (proofs) aren’t too bad (guess it was just laziness) and that I really can learn all the geographical regions and capital and largest cities of each state, and what each state’s biggest production is.

Fact: Madison is the capital of Wisconsin 😀

Another fact: Idaho is a potato state 😀 *falls over chair*

Here’s the map I had to draw!

2014-05-09 14.16.56

You like it? I think it’s the best I’ve done so far 😀 I lost my other map of Africa though 😦 Guess I have to draw it again…

Processed with Rookie

My English has finally left the intense adjective and adverb phase, and now I get to read a book! I’m now reading ‘The Hiding Place’, and oh, it’s so beautiful <insert tears here>. I’m taking lots of notes (sentence structure, new words, author’s tone) and sometimes it just overwhelms me so much that I can’t tear my eyes away from the book (or get my fingers to reach the pen). I’m getting to the climax, and I’m so jumpy! Can’t wait to watch the movie. I’ve got my tissues ready 🙂

Last, but not least, have you guys heard about the chaos going on in Nigeria? 😦 Around 300 girls have been kidnapped, there has been two bombings at a local stop! I’m beyond myself with fear because all my relatives live there 😦  My uncle was so close to being a victim of one of the bombings, but miraculously, thankfully, nothing happened to him. Please keep this country in your hearts.

Happy Tuesday,

Jojo 🙂